The overall objective of Credit Policy of the Bank is to achieve a healthy balance between Capital driven credit growth and Asset Quality

The policy tells as from a holistic point of view, for comprehensive framework of credit administration, with special emphasis on managing credit risk. It is valid for entire gamut of bank‘s lending

The Focus sectors are Agriculture, Trade & services, Housing and other retail, MSME, Mid- corporate and exports.

Mid corporate segment is identified for exposure involving Rs. 25 Crore & above to less than Rs. 150 Crore from our Bank (irrespective of the sector).

Large corporate segment is identified for exposure to corporate of Rs150 Crore and above from our Bank irrespective of sector, size of loan and group accounts


Pre-Release Audit need to be conducted for all advances (fresh & enhancement) of Rs.50lakh and above to check whether all the terms & conditions in the prerelease stage have been compliance or not.

It will be conducted by ZO. However if concurrent auditor certifies compliance of terms and conditions in the prerelease stage, separate pre-release audit need not be conducted

No, Branches can‘t make disbursement of the loan without approval from Zonal Office on the Pre-Release audit report submitted. For any deviation in pending compliance approval to be obtained from the respective sanctioning authority.

DeVA stands for Document e-Verification and Archival and is introduced with a view to improve the quality of documentation & compliance and preserving (archival) the documents in digital form. All the loan documents (including mortgage) should be uploaded in DeVA and be approved before release of any fresh/enhanced Credit facilities.

There is no any such minimum loan amount.DeVA approval is required for any amount of loan sanctioned.

DeVA is required in all the new loans, Review/ Renewal & Ahoc limits. In case of enhancement of limit fresh documents has to be uploaded. Where there is no change in limit DeVA approval will still be obtained by uploading renewal application, sanction letter, acknowledgement of Sanction letter, fresh AOD and limit Pronote and DeVA approval certificate relating to the previous Documents. In case of Adhoc limit fresh documents along with DeVA approval certificate relating to the previous Documents should be uploaded.