Dear Comrade,

Comrade, our Management has rolled out a promotion process to benefit aspiring officers and fill the positions in various Scales for effective Bank Management. You are all aware that our Association signed a Promotion Policy agreement with the Management in January 2021, and based on this policy, our Bank conducts promotion process.

As Officers of the Bank and one of the critical stakeholders of the Bank, we discharge our duties for better prosperity of the Bank. As the banking landscape is changing daily, we have to get updated for better administering the Bank, meeting the changing customer needs leveraging the latest technology.

Promotion is an exercise that provides us an opportunity to get updates on various facets of Banking. To help the members and get them streamlined on the recent developments in the Banking, our Association used to reach promotion study material to our members. This year also, we posted such a contemporize promotion study material prepared by the Image Faculties in our website for your immediate studying and updating.

We are sure that this study material will immensely benefit you. We convey our sincere thanks to the Principal and Faculties, IMAGE, for coming out with such sound promotion study material.

We wish you all success in your endeavors in the days to come.

Comradely Yours,

Ram Nath Shukla


R Sekaran

Secretary General